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Bathroom is a room in a building which contains a shower and/or bathtub. Toilet and wash basins are sometimes incorporated in a bathroom to promote personal hygiene and for convenience sake. The patterns in which these fittings are arranged vary depending on the choice of the end, available space among other considerations. Bathroom design is the term given to the pattern of bathroom fittings and arrangements to accommodate the bathroom accessories including towels, furniture (for storing towels in drawers, first aid box and other personal hygiene products), bidet, plumbing fittings (piping systems) and electrical fittings (lightings, heaters, heater towel rails, plugs and sockets), tiling, wall and ceiling design. Whether a bathroom would meet all your needs or leaves you feeling deeply unsatisfied is a function of the bathroom design. These arrangements have been observed to vary from one country to the other.

Bathroom Designs

There are different modern bathroom designs among which include:

open plan with double shower design

double wall mounted sink design

dutch door design

industrial partition design

wall tile surround design

pass through design

double niche type

built-in tub

railroad style

see through design

suspended style

bathtub nook design

built-in dressing table

shower room just to mention but a few

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A catalogue containing the photograph of these designs will be made available to you for your perusal and consideration. You are free to take the photograph of any design to admire and show to our experts during consultation. Our trained bathroom designers are capable of replicating even the finest detail in such a design in photographs with precision.

Currently, there are numerous existing designs already implemented. Each one of the designs may have a comparative advantage over the other. A customer may find it difficult to select a design that suits his or her choice. This is why Credence Bathrooms of Newcastle offers consultation services which allows the client to meet with our experts on appointment to discuss the client’s choice of bathroom design. We attach no obligation clause to this free consultation service as the service is rendered to promote good customer relation in the UK.

We have a catalogue containing over five hundred exquisite novel designs we have developed and built for our various clients in recent times. You will be given free access to this catalogue at your request. These measures will help you to make a suitable choice of design for your bathroom. We have a team of professionals with requisite skill, knowledge, experience and certification to transform your ideas from layout to a modern and exquisite bathroom design to suit your choice. We usually make use of CAD and 3D images to prepare our designs to enable our clients to visualise the concept and features of the bathroom before embarking on the project.

One overriding advantage of this practice is that it provides an opportunity for clients to re-appraise his/her choice. It gives room for moderation or amendment of the original plan to suit any change in taste of our customer. Our team of experts considers the budget of our client and works out a suitable bathroom design to match the available space while meeting the client’s specifications. Innovation and creativity has been our trademark. The available space will be utilised to create your ideal bathroom environment to not just to meet your needs but to surpass your expectations. We specialise in inventing design, layout and construction of exquisite bathrooms according to the specifications of our clients.

Another critical aspect of our job is the professional role we play in the determination of appropriate, durable and quality materials at moderate cost. We are flexible with our policies and friendly with our potential clients. To this end, our clients are at liberty to decide the choice of materials for his/her job. We however, offer free professional advice regarding the functional characteristics of the materials to guide the choice of our clients. We undertake supplies of materials to the construction site at the barest minimum cost without compromising standards and materials quality.

We have extra ordinary memoranda of understanding with most companies that produce materials for bathrooms. Hence we supply at the cheapest cost ever. We stand out among our competitors because we keep our word. A promise made is as good as a service already delivered. Our project managers ensure that our designers deliver jobs before the deadline. Unbelievable! We encourage you to give us a trial and you would be happy you did. If you are seeking the best company to consult for bathroom designs, layout and construction of bathrooms, kindly refer to Credence Bathrooms of Newcastle where excellent service is guaranteed.

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Book an appointment with us today and leave the rest to our professional designers to deliver an excellent job according to your space, budget and choice of bathroom design.

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