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Disabled bathrooms are convenient rooms designed to suit persons with physical disabilities. Disabled bathrooms are commonly used by aged or sick persons due to automation and the kind of design normally used to promote simplicity and easy movement. The design and installation of a disabled bathroom is obviously more complex because of the special features to enhance auto-function, fittings for safety and support, space for easy access and for free movement as well as need for simplicity. These considerations in the design of disabled bathrooms necessitate the fitting of several elements which are critical and must be put into consideration during their construction. Otherwise, the disabled bathroom may not function efficiently or may not even be accessible or convenient for persons with various degrees of disabilities to use. Certain factors must be considered when designing and constructing a disabled bathroom in order to ensure that the bathroom serves its purpose properly. These factors are:


A disabled bathroom must be designed to allow for free movement. It may be necessary to create channels for wheelchairs among other considerations.

Floor design

Bathroom floors should be slip resistant and waterproof to enhance the safety of the user.

Support systems

Grab bars and safety rails are usually installed to support the user and ensure safety of the person.

Flexible cabinets

Furniture and shelves containing personal hygiene materials must be reachable to the user. They are often designed to roll back and forth.

Other design consideration

Avoidance of sharp edges, installation of emergency assistance alarms etc.

Apart from these basic knowledge and requisite skills for design and installation of disabled bathrooms, our team of experts has vast experience in structural engineering and building technology. Our professional bathroom designers are certified and ensure that the planning permission is obtained from appropriate authorities before construction works. Credence Bathrooms of Newcastle have assembled competent experts known for designing bathrooms that meet the UK standards without compromising the quality of the work. We specialise in design and construction of disabled bathrooms.

Disabled Bathrooms Installers in Newcastle

Disabled bathroom design, installation and renovation services within Newcastle and its environs is available even at your doorstep if you could call us now. Our bathroom fitters will make your disable bathroom convenient and simple. Disabled bathrooms are now been considered in most recent buildings to accommodate persons with disability. Several designs exist depending on the taste of the customer. We are ever ready to fit your disable bathrooms into your homes at cheapest rate you can get without compromising standards and quality of materials. Give us a call now to enable us book a free consultation service for you with no deal obligation. Installing disabled bathrooms helps to insure against any unfortunate incident or accident to give such member of the family a sense of belonging. Also, the disabled bathroom is designed for maximum safety protocols while ensuring that the space is waterproof. Disabled bathrooms are very simple giving the individual the opportunity to wash oneself conveniently. Disabled bathrooms are therefore designed to provide convenience for washing and refreshment. Credence Bathrooms of Newcastle can design disable bathroom which allows easy access to suit the aged and those with physical disabilities. We offer simple but exquisite disabled bathroom designs that will allow for easy cleaning and overall maintenance tasks. A trial will convince you.

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We have several design options to choose from that will suit your disabled bathroom choice. Just show us your property and allow us to survey the space and construct a befitting disabled bathroom for your pleasure. Trust us, we understand your challenges and are determined to provide you with a convenient bathroom with easy access even with persons in wheelchairs. We are renowned for developing novel disabled bathroom designs that are non-existing elsewhere. Creativity is one of our core values. We create a new design for each client if they request it. We are ever ready to install any other design of our client’s choice if they had such preference already. Even if you present us with a photograph of a design you would want us to build for you, we would replicate such a design for you. Our experts would be happy to do so for you in order to satisfy your needs.

Credence Bathrooms of Newcastle is one of the leading companies in the UK, Newcastle and around surrounding suburbs recognized for provision of exquisite disabled bathroom services. Are you searching for a good company for renovating your building to incorporate a modern disabled bathroom? Do you want a convenient and simple disabled bathroom with a touch of luxury on your property? Do you know someone or company looking for good hands to install amazing and modern designs of disabled bathrooms? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, search no more. Kindly contact Credence Bathrooms of Newcastle by just calling us now or fill the above field stating your purpose in the provision for comments. Once you do this, we would book you for a free consultation service with no obligation of trade. At your request, we can bring this meeting to your doorstep. Leave your worries to our team of professionals who take pleasure in delivering quality jobs.

We consider the space available, budget and choice of disabled bathroom design before rendering professional advice to our clients. Try us today and you would be glad you did. We create new disabled bathroom designs, supply materials for the renovation or installation, build disabled bathrooms and install the fittings appropriately. Our project managers supervise each task in-situ and ensure that the project is completed and delivered before the dateline.

When you are ready to realise your desired disabled bathroom, feel free to reach us at Credence Bathrooms of Newcastle and we will be happy to meet you. You have the assurances of our best regards.

Book an appointment with us today and leave the rest to our experts to deliver an excellent job according to your space, budget and choice of disabled bathroom.

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